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Course language changed from English to Spanish

Coemgen Posts: 10

I've reported the problem to: training@linuxfoundation.org


  • SamW
    SamW Posts: 2
    Just encountered the same problem, hopefully it's fixed soon.
  • Coemgen
    Coemgen Posts: 10
    This is from the Linux Foundation support:

    "Please bear with us while we correct this issue. We had a glitch while uploading a new Spanish version that caused the English version to be overwritten. We are working on this now and should have it resolved shortly."
  • same here!
  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    We apologize for the mixup, it should be fixed within a few hours at most.

    When the Spanish version went live, the English version was inadvertently displaced.

    Thanks for calling this promptly to our attention!
  • SamW
    SamW Posts: 2
    Thanks for the attentiveness! It's back to English again.


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