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Hello, I am new not only to the forums but also to linux based computing. I have built myself a few rigs over the years with MS being my poison of choice. Win95/98 were personal favorites of mine but I was a kid. I have been sort of stuck in Windows mode for years. It was ok, I guess. Over the years the massive failure that Microsoft Windows has become is simply confuses me. Windows 8 is the straw that broke the camel's back. I won't go into that right at this moment, but I have a rant prepaired.

So I purchased a Samsung Chromebook 2 from bestbuy a few weeks ago and spent some time getting to learn the device, (not really a whole lot to it.) but my favorite thing about it is the fact that it runs NOT MS WINDOWS.

I was a super sad panda when I realized that playing Minecraft was out of the question on Chrome OS. Linux came along and saved my world from certain distruction. (kind of, I'll live with out minecraft) The fact that I can boot up a Linux envrionment, quick swap between it and Chrome OS, and basically tell Google to 'eat it' regarding the whole "90% of my chromebook use requires internet access" is, frankly, a turn on.

I have joined this community to learn as much as I can about Linux. I want to start using it effeciantly and regularly. My next homebrew PC will definately have a Linux install, I have plans in the early stages to create a steambox and would very much like to learn what I can about Linux based programs while I have the free time that I have currently available.

It is nice to meet you all and I look forward to reading up, asking questions, and learning from all of you.



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