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Offline Course Material

seick Posts: 2
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is there any option to get the course material for offline usage? I travel a lot and I am not always online but I would love to use waiting time for the course.



  • coop
    coop Posts: 913

    I'm afraid it is not possible to download a soft copy of the class.

    However, you can download all the labs and solutions and work on them. You have probably noticed that at the beginning of the book there is a reference to one big file that contains all labs and solutions, do you don't have to download a zillion files one by one.
  • seick
    seick Posts: 2
    Hi Jerry,

    thanks for the answer.

    I noticed that I can download all labs and solutions but that is not really the same as having the complete course as soft copy for learning in areas without internet connection.

    In my humble opinion a soft copy of the course would be a very nice feature to have. So this would be my feature request. :)


  • NYCJacob
    NYCJacob Posts: 19
    I agree it is ridiculous that no study materials are provided. My self I am copy pasting the lessons into a text document supplement by printouts of things I had to research for future use to review for the exam. Maybe you could do the same a couple of lessons ahead to take on the road with you.
  • coop
    coop Posts: 913
    A soft copy of the class would indeed be nice to have. However, giving out some kind of unemcumbered soft copies of our self-paced classes would ensure we didn't have any and you would have to pay on the order of $2500-$3000 for such training material (from the Linux Foundation). The entire manuals would quickly appear on the Internet (I am not exaggerating, been there and done that) and we would never recoup the investment in time and money to develop these classes, which is actually very high. Especially since we have been bundling exams with courses we are charging very little and believe me we are not getting rich.

    Every time we have tried to use some kind of protected method of handing out soft copy it has been a disaster, between the poor quality of such platforms and complaints from the very students who want softcopy. So it is not practical.

    These days most of us have network access most of the time unless we are on a plane
    and will not pay for it (I won't, as I always have plenty to do which does not require access.)

  • NYCJacob
    NYCJacob Posts: 19
    I don't expect extensive materials like a full course, but we are still paying for this course. I get that a large part of learning linux is figuring things out yourself but I think a lot of us came from the edx 101 course and could use more guidance and explanations. Otherwise, we might as well pay for a regular course to get what it takes to pass the exam.


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