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gui customiz-ability, plus Irfanview


Howdy folks-

I'm about as nooby as it's possible to get but my question seemed to fit here better. My apologies if i'm wrong.

I'm VERY distract-able, so tweak-ability of GUI is a big deal to me. I've scoured the web looking for advice on the best distro and desktop manager [Mint? Sabayon? Elementary? Gnome? Cinnamon? Enlightenment? or????] but can't find a consensus.

2] some people say that the distro and desktop manager don't matter- that you can tweak/prettify any distro equally well. Really???

3] What's the manager with the maximum number of options? Sure i'd love ease of use but sheer number of options is worth any extra sweat.

4] What distro and/or desktop manager enables transparency of app windows?

5] [and this is a non-GUI question} how reasonable is it to hope that i can run Irfanview on [any] Linux? I loathe my Windows7 but, like many people, am addicted to Irfanview.

In general [and yes, this is hard question to answer], what are my chances of running the average windows utility on Linux [i.e. Vitrite, Winroll, CursorFx].

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • jmthomas87
    If you are wanting a desktop manger that you can tweak to your hearts content, KDE is one that can do just about anything but stand up and dance. It also does transparency pretty well.

    As far as Irfanview, I use that myself quite a bit in Windows.

    I got it working under Linux using Wine, which allows use of Windows programs within Linux. Wine takes a bit of tuning sometimes for certain programs, but it does work.


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