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16.8 Examples of Rezising (LVM )


Hi , I want to double check this lesson in the LFS 201 trainning

Lesson 16.8 Examples of Resizing

$ sudo

$ sudo lvextend -r -L +500M /dev/vg/mylvm

$ sudo lvreduce -r -L -200M /dev/vg/mylvm

What happends if we make something like...

lvreduce -r -L +200M /dev/vg/mylvm ?

how to use fsadm ?

please check and reply



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    As to what happens with your lvreduce command, try it and you'll find out.

    fsadm does not resize the partition, only the filesystem size.
    so you would have to run lvextend and then fsadm, or fsadm
    and then lvreduce in that order, instead.


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