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bug: soft lockup when updating nvidia drivers

mark21p Posts: 1

Hi at all. I'm new in this forum so I'm sorry if it's a bad section.

I have a problem whit a new notebook that I've Just brought, And I don't know if It has software or hardware problem, and if hardware I have to take it back.

Anyway, I have an Aspire 5750G, i5 4 Gb ram, Whit Linux Mint Rebecca.

When I choose raccomended nvidia drivers it seems to have some problems, instead of the noveau drivers that seems to be Good.

So I decided to download the last drivers from nvidia. I stopped the x server and by terminal I've used sudo sh nvidia.run, than I've found the problem told in the subject of This post: bug: soft lockup cpu#1 and so on.

Can someone help me?

I've googled too much and nothing about this specifically problem.

Something about to turn off acpi But I've no menu.lst in My grub directory.

thank You a lot.


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