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LAB 13.2 Solution.



Firstly, I hope that I am not getting myself labelled as a difficult student because I have opened a lot of threads. I am enjoying LFS201 and feel it is good value because I am learning a lot.

The Solution for Lab 13.2 has errors (see below). Also, since we are learning to be System Administrators I am not impressed with being encouraged to use chmod 777. Its a lazy bad habit that is a gateway unintended consequences. "Thou shalt not use chmod 777," should be one of the SysAdmin Commandmants. I found sudo chown user:group /mnt/tmpdir worked well enough (change user:group to be appropriate for the quota exercise).

13.2 Solution Error:

"1. Change /etc/fstab to have one of the following two lines according to whether you are using a real partition or a loopback:

/dev/sda11 /mnt/tempdir ext4 noexec 1 3

/tmp/imagefile /mnt/tempdir ext4 loop,noexec 1 3"

"noexec" should be replaced by "usrquota"




  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    Agree on both points, and have revised for next minor release.

    However, please note that the text did say you didn't need to do the chmod 777 step (it was done for play, not for a real thing to persist) and the noexec error was obvious as the text said exactly what to do :)


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