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Control and Alt commands do not work on my Ubuntu VM



I have created an Ubuntu VM usins Parallels.

I am trying to use the commands, such as Alt 2, or Ctr+Alt 6 but they do not work.

Note: I use a machintosh.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Josep Maria


  • KevinCSmallwood

    Sorry to give you a nonauthoritative answer, but I don't have a Mac and have never run Parallels as my VM hypervisor. From what I can tell from looking at some Parallels documentation, you need to change the keyboard mapping so that the Alt and CTLR keys are passed into the VM instead of being interpreted by the MacOS. Consult the documentation for Parallels.

    If any other students are using Parallels on a Mac, perhaps you could offer good advice on using it and trying to pass things like the Alt and CTRL keys into the running VMs. Thank you!

  • josepmaria
    josepmaria Posts: 13

    @KevinCSmallwood thanks for your time and answer.

    I found this post about parallels, I guess it somewhow points the direction to solve the problem.

    In my case I could not find the option "optimize for games" on the keyboard tab, but I found the option to switch from "Profile - Default" to "Mac Profile".

    Now some shortcuts using Control and Alt commands seem to work.


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