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LAB. 2.3 All in this chapter we are doing at cp-no


Maybe this is a stupid question but I'm a little confused. All in this chapter we are doing at cp-node or? First, I tought we create pods on worker node, but linux-prompt says "student@cp" so am I right all things we do at cp-node?


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,224

    Hi @rumpelstilz,

    You are correct, typically Pods are scheduled on worker nodes by the control plane's kube-scheduler agent. In order to save on infra costs, the lab setup enables scheduling of user applications on the control plane node as well, through the removal of the control-plane taint following the cluster bootstrapping phase.

    While there are exceptions, the user no longer decides where the Pods are deployed - this is the job of the kube-scheduler agent. The user submits a request to the kube-apiserver of the control plane (cp), and upon validation it will be executed and the workload deployed based on decisions made by the control plane agents.



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