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scannabledocuments.com buying scannable fake IDs

bui343 Posts: 1
edited June 7 in Ubuntu

Allows uid switching as a normal user.

   •   Start any application making it believe it is running as root.

   •   Support for user/group changing in the local thread using the syscalls (like glibc).

   •   More precisely this library intercepts seteuid and related calls, and simulates them
       in a manner similar to the nss_wrapper and socket_wrapper libraries. 

   Some projects like a file server need privilege separation to be able to switch to the
   connection user and do file operations. uid_wrapper convincingly lies [to](https://miniaturecattleguy.com/) the application [https://scannabledocuments.com/](https://scannabledocuments.com/)
   letting it believe it is operating as root and even [switching](https://scannabledocuments.com/) between UIDs and GIDs as


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