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Hi altogether,
I'm Johannes, 69 years old and located in Cologne, Germany, Europe.
sl0 as my nickname is the first network-interface on a serial line, my first usage of IP.
I got to know about linux in 1995 accidenially when I had a userproblem on AIX. I bought a SuSE CD, installed it and was happy to see, what icmp was doing in the kernel sources. Few month later I bought a Debian CD, which mentioned to be installed on many computers. Since then my most used distro is Debian GNU/Linux, stable version preferred. I did a log of networking stuff, routing and iptables as well as ip6tables. iptables-converter and iptables-optimizer were sponsored by the company I worked for in the last decades. Today I use ansible, shell and python mostly.
I am here to enforce my wish: Update a given kernel 2.6 module for a special interface-card (ik220), hopefully to an actual kernel version.

Thanks for reading, kind regards


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