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An advanced Smart House Platform: FPiDroid House


Hello everyone, I am developing a project for Digilent Design Contest 2015 and I would like a few sugestions, ideas or opinion about my project: FPiDroid House.

“FPiDroid House” represents a monitoring and control platform based on FPGA structures, embedded systems and web technologies. It provides the possibility to control multiple houses from one single web interface and the posibility to use existing devices, with minor changes. I made a few modules which controls the lighting system, the window blinds, alarm system, AC and heating system.

For more details, you can see the instructable (with source codes) : http://instructables.com/id/FPiDroid-House-beta/

I have to mention that the source code is not translated entirely, and I still have 1 minor bug to fix, but i will update the instructable then.

And some youtube videos :http://youtube.com/watch?v=H4Rqp-sMdm0


Any suggestion or opinions? Thanks.


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