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Looking for Tips for CKA Exam Prep


Title: Seeking Advice on CKA Exam Preparation
Greetings to the Linux Foundation community,

myself sarana I hope you all well. I am reaching out seeking advice and insights from those who have experience with the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. i am preparing for this exam so anyone who have tips and guide for this exam .i would appreciate your guidance and tips. I'm interested in learning about your study strategies, recommended resources, and any challenges you may have encountered during your preparation journey and also I'm curious to hear about your exam day experience. What was the exam format like? Were there any unexpected challenges or aspects of the exam that caught you off guard? who may not have passed the exam on their first attempt I am interested in hearing about your lessons learned and any advice you would offer to someone in my position.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your expertise and advice.

Best regards,


  • taciosouza
    taciosouza Posts: 2

    Bom dia Sarana, tudo bem?

    O curso o material é muito bom e sobre as provas, tem um ambiente des testes e simulados que é extamente o ambiente da prova. Vá em frente, grande abraço.

  • sarana
    sarana Posts: 3
    edited May 15

    Good morning @taciosouza and I m doing well, thank you for asking. How are you? I am glad to hear that the course material is very good.


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