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Good morning,

I'd like to introduce myself; my name is Fibogacci.

I am starting the Cloud Native Developer IT Professional Program today, beginning with Course 01 - Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux.

My first encounter with Linux was about 20 years ago when I tried Floppix—a version of Linux that runs on two floppy drives. Interestingly, it's still available today at https://floppix.com/.

Floppix has excellent labs, from which I learned a great deal about the basics of Linux.

From September 2017 to the present, I have been using MX Linux, which has become my preferred distribution.

Professionally, I am a Python and GIS Developer at a company located in Poland, which specializes in providing high-resolution aerial photos, oblique images, orthophotomaps, and laser scanning data.

As I expand my skills into additional areas, including Machine Learning and AI, this set of courses known as the Cloud Native Developer IT Professional Program provides an excellent compilation of all the skills and knowledge I currently need.

Thank you to the Linux Foundation for preparing and compiling these courses into this program.

Kind regards,



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