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Evolution issues (notifying of certain issues with it, but I love it)

vanquishedangel Posts: 2
edited April 5 in Applications

So I am notifying about certain issues I have had with Evolution mail, but I want you to know that I love it.

First off my system. I use an Asus flip CM3401FF Chromebook plus. It has android compatibility, ChromeOS, and Debian bookworm via the settings in developers mode. I have Evolution installed in the Debian part via "sudo apt-get install evolution && sudo apt-get install evolution-ews". I have also built the dependencies for both of those as well using build-essential. I use this for work. There was one glitch I fixed with the evolution-plugins folder being nonexistent. I have also had these issues on my home computer running Debian Trixie, and my other laptop a Samsung Chromebook 4 running Q4os Aquarius.

The problems that still persist are when loading calendars from EWS as my work heavily relies on those for resident appointments, med times, work schedules, etc. Evolution constantly prompts for the passwords for tasks, on call calendar, appointments calendar, etc. It does not do this every time, but about half the time and with several of the different connected calendars. Even when the password is entered correctly it may prompt multiple times, and even then often will not display the calendar, and sometimes it is displaying the calendar it is prompting for the password for.


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