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Resources allowed during exam Man page not working in exam


Man should be pre-configured so if i type
man man I should get the man help page
I have tried mandb man-db and and tried to install with no luck. I have used man last year in an exam with no issues. logged a ticked with support during the exam and lost an hour of my test time.

how do I use man in the exam

Resources allowed during exam
The following tools and resources are allowed during the Exam as long as they are used by Candidate to work independently on exam tasks (i.e. not used for 3rd party assistance or research) and are accessed from within the Linux server terminal on which the Exam is delivered (resources that cannot be accessed from within the terminal are not allowed):
Man pages
• Documents installed by the distribution (i.e. /usr/share and its subdirectories)
Packages that are part of the distribution (may also be installed by Candidate if not available by default) If you decide to install packages (not required to complete tasks) to your exam environment, you will want to be familiar with standard package managers (apt, dpkg, dnf, and yum)


  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 422

    Hi @FabianBaptiste,

    All exam-related questions are answered by the Linux Foundation Support Team. This forum should be used only for course content-related discussions.


  • FabianBaptiste

    Any recommendation on preparing for the exam not using the man manual page. As this is not a currently available resource.

    As advised I have reopened my support ticket regarding the exam.



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