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bookmarks while studying


how do the browser bookmarks help?

do they get copied into the test environment's browser?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,966

    The exam environment is a secure browser and you will not have access to bookmarked links.

  • eg8888
    eg8888 Posts: 11

    what're these about?

    in LFD259-labs_V2024-02-22.pdf :

    -- Exercise 2.6: Domain Review
    ---- 8. Note the domains and subdomains you can use during the exam, with some stated conditions.
    ---- 9. Search for good YAML examples from the allowed resources. Get to know what the good page looks like. During the exam you will be using a secure browser. There can be existing bookmarks, but more than you may require. It will save time to quickly recognize the page again. Ensure it works for the version of the exam you are taking.

    -- Exercise 3.4: Domain Review
    ---- 1. Using the three URL locations allowed by the exam, find and bookmark working YAML examples for LivenessProbes, ReadinessProbes, and multi-container pods.

    also, bookmarks are mentioned multiple times in these forums

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,966

    The domain review content will be updated in a future course update and any reference about bookmarks will be removed. Please check the Candidate Handbook and exam details about what is and isn't allowed in the exam, as that is the ultimate source of truth. Use of external bookmarks has not been allowed in the exam since the secure browser has been implemented.


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