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Error in training material


In Lab 12.1, step 6 we create a pod with 4 containers, after following some instructions in steps 7-9 we come to step 10 which says:

Determine where the new containers have been deployed. They should be more evenly spread this time. Again, the numbers may be different, the change in numbers is what we are looking for. Due to lack of nodeSelector they could go to either node.

I believe this is inaccurate, I tested several different setups and cannot get containers in a single pod to go to multiple machines.

The Kubernetes documentation located here agrees that multiple containers in a single pod must be on the same node, not spread across the cluster. https://kubernetes.io/docs/tutorials/kubernetes-basics/explore/explore-intro/#:~:text=The%20containers%20in%20a%20Pod,context%20on%20the%20same%20Node.


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