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9.9 Sizing Up Partitions


I just wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback regarding an oh-so-minute grammatical error on chapter 9.9 "Sizing Up Partitions" :

"Examples of thinking on this subect can be found at..." -> Should be "subject".

If you prefer such feedback be sumitted via alternate means, feel free to let me know! Thanks for listening, and have a good day!


  • adamherst
    adamherst Posts: 25
    This post suggests we send feedback to training@linuxfoundation.org:



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    You can send feedback to either the link above or email training@linuxfoundation.org. It will get picked up either way. For typos such as this (not a grammar error really ( :) ), probably email is better as something like this causes no confusion to readers of the course, but should be fixed in the text. Note that we batch up such minor fixes and will upload them within a few weeks at most. Forum posts are better for things that may be of use to other course takers or more substantive matters. We do read them either way. Thanks.
  • bgestwicki
    Thank you both for the guidance and feedback on the matter!


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