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Patents vs. Copyright

afitalashi Posts: 1
edited March 20 in LFD102 Class Forum

As mentioned in the 10th lesson of LFD102 course, Many people feel there should be no software patents at all. The author continues, that sufficient protections for intellectual property already exist under copyright and trademark laws. However, since it is highly unlikely software patents will be abolished, developers and organizations have to learn to deal with them properly.

Now things have messed up on my mind. I think patent is a certificate that is given to somebody by the government that ensures the idea, or the invention was actually his. Am I right? If yes, here arise a question! What made government maintain both copyright and patent? I think, as the author mentioned, the copyright itself is enough for ensuring intellectual property. Maybe I need more of a historical reason for this one to fit in my mind.

Thanks in advance.


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