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TCCS-98955 - PSI Issues are there to stay

marco.ferretti Posts: 15
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This morning I tried again (https://forum.linuxfoundation.org/discussion/comment/39406#Comment_39406).
I made sure I was following the instructions I was given when I opened the ticket for the previous attempt (TCCS-97248):

  • I am the only one using this connection
  • I am using a cable connection (internet connection is fine: (ttps://www.speedtest.net/result/15975483552)
  • The PC is the same I used for the CKA exam I took in February (Intel i5, 32Gb RAM, Ubuntu 22.04-4 LTS).
  • I had a smooth compatibility check on this PC before taking the exam

After only 4 minutes into the exam I got an environment error (519). The message asked to reset the environment and offered a "reset" button. Clicking that button does nothing. I asked the proctor in chat and was told to use the "reset" button located in the upper right corner of the screen. At that point everything froze.

I restarted the PC, restarted the PSI browser, went through the identification and check process again (this time, longer than the first time) and got back into the exam with 88 minutes left

While going through question 4 everything froze again, this time with no error. I had to call tech support (chat was not working either) in the US (from Italy, add that to the exam cost and the unpaid work-day...).
The support was sort of a laugh.
They asked me if they could remotely connect to my PC, I said "sure, but it's frozen on my side. If I have to install something I can't do anything".
Then they asked me to go to another PC (luckily I have another one as I work in IT, I doubt the average person has more than one and a tablet) and install psi browser. I asked them if they wanted me to take the exam in another room or if they wanted to check internet connection ... they said the latter so I fired up Ookla and confirmed I have full speed even on a WiFi.
At that point I was asked to get back at my PC and restart it, and then restart PSI browser only to get a banner saying that the exam session was expired (please note that 30 minutes had already passed on the phone .... and I was calling from Italy in the US on a mobile phone). The only option left, according to PSI tech support, was to open a ticket to LF training support.

Now, I wonder if it's time for LF to re-think where they buy services from as it looks like PSI is not up to the job... or maybe it's the LF infrastructure ?
On my side, what more do I have to do than provide a stable 1Gb internet connection, a machine that is absolutely fit for running a browser (i5, 32Gb RAM ... hell I have simulated a cluster using Vitrual Machines for 3 controlpane, 2 worker nodes and a ha-proxy while preparing for the CKA exam on that same PC) ?

I am really frustrated as I have been pushing hard to prepare for this certification studying while working and taking time from family... not speaking of the unpaid working days to take a certification exam that is simply not being delivered.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,165

    Hi @marco.ferretti,

    Would you be able to share whether all your attempts were on the same Ubuntu 22.04 LTS distribution, and if so, on the default Wayland?



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