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CKAD Bad experience and no update on JIRA ticket created 2 days ago TCCS-98129

sbathla32 Posts: 1
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I was not able to answer single question as kubectl commands were failing with exceptions. PSI Tech team was not able to help. They simply kept saying restart PSI browser, restart you machine.
kubectl commands has nothing to do with all those and I lost 50 mins of my exam without giving any answer and finally they said I can reschedule but reschedule link is not coming from last 2 days. Created couple of tickets https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/15/TCCS-98129 and 4015977 on PSI side but no update.
I lost my first attempt without answering any question and last date is approaching on 6 March. If no action will be taken, I will loose my efforts for exam prep and hard earned money.


  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 449

    Hi @sbathla32

    It can take several business days (no weekends or holidays) for tickets to be assigned and resolved. Rest assured the Customer Support team will help you.

    Best regards,



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