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Missing Video - LFS258 Chapter 3

rebekah Posts: 9
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There used to be a video explaining how to set up the VPC and create the nodes for a basic preliminary set up on top of which we are to use kubeadm to install Kubernetes. I watched it a few days ago and now it is nowhere to be found. I'm assuming it was removed because it had some old content. But I would rather have it than not, because I was able to get through it successfully, but didn't memorize the steps. I since deleted my network and nodes and am having a hard time reimplementing the steps from memory. I need that base in order to do the lab in Chapter 3. I expect I can figure it out another way, but if I could somehow get access to that video it would definitely save me some time. Thanks in advance.

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  • rebekah
    rebekah Posts: 9

    Perhaps! Let me go check. Yeah, that's right... okay I'm embarrassed now.


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