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Retake exam due to PSI issues

marco.ferretti Posts: 15
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I was taking my exam this very morning and got several issues
First, my keyboard was misconfigured: somehow, in the PSI secure browser, the keyboard was configured with an italian layout while I have an US layout keyboard. Within the remote desktop the keyboard was configured correctly, nonetheless the keys where messed up.
After talking to the proctor for a couple of minutes i asked to change the keyboard, at that point everything froze and the only thing I could do was to turn off the pc (nothing worked, mouse froze, keyboard froze).
I reconnected, went through the identification process again and restarted the exam.
After approx. 10 minutes the screen froze again.
At that point I contacted PSI customer support which offered me to retake the exam. I accepted only to get disconnected from the phone call.
I was called back after a couple of minutes only to find out, after 15 more minutes on the phone, that what the person on the other side was offering to guide me to open a ticket to LF to ask to retake the exam.
Had I know that I was going to waste more time I would have probably taken my chances and go through the identification process again.
I don't really feel that this should have happened as it's not a udemy 20$ certification: one expects more stability from LF

Since this was my retake, and my ticket expires tomorrow, I really hope I can retake the exam, but I don't have much hope for that as it usually takes more than a couple of days only to see someone reading your jira ticket


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,964

    Hi @marco.ferretti

    We apologize for the issues encountered during the exam. If you already opened a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team, rest assured that they will assist you in rescheduling your exam and provide an extension.



    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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