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Spring 2024 bug fixing - A few questions

I came across the Linux kernel Bug Fixing Spring Unpaid 2024 mentorship program just a few days ago. Upon submitting my application, I realized the deadline for the process had already passed. However, the deadline for tasks is still 2023-02-15. Can I still submit the deliverables, or is it already too late for this program?

Should the answer be yes, what's the preferred format for uploads? I noticed only {pdf,doc,docx} types are allowed. I resorted to Joplin's markdown to PDF conversion.

Lastly, regarding emails: do we consolidate all tasks into one email, outlining each task in the email body? Or is it separate emails?

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  • richardorido
    richardorido Posts: 12
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    I can only definitively answer the last question which is each task should be in a separate email. There are some tasks where you have to send a patch and each patch you send should always be in its own email.


  • x0rw3ll
    x0rw3ll Posts: 4

    Thank you so much, @richardorido

    I figured the patch tasks would have to go in separate emails, but just wasn't too sure about the other tasks; not a big fan of crowding inboxes myself.

    • For some of the tasks, the deadline was 30-01-2024. I am not sure if submitting them now would help your cause or not, but if you can do them, you should definitely try.
    • "Send the patch" and "send module output from dmesg in email" are 2 separate requirements:
    • For the patches, as the other member has mentioned, each patch would be sent via its own email - I used 'git send-email' to send them out.
    • For the second one, I merged the emails for tasks like panic and decode_stacktrace etc into one while sending the outputs/files where it was mentioned.
  • x0rw3ll
    x0rw3ll Posts: 4

    Gotcha, and thank you so much for the detailed context!

  • x0rw3ll
    x0rw3ll Posts: 4

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to withdraw my application for this round. I thought I'd leave a status update on this post so no one wastes their time answering a defunct thread. Thank you all for the prompt responses, and best of luck with your mentorship! Hopefully I can join if/when it's reopened in the future.


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