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Isuue with linkerd

aditya03 Posts: 6
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I am deploying a service mesh linkerd, but I got and stuck at "linkerd check".
How to solve this?

ubuntu@ip:~$ linkerd check


√ can initialize the client
√ can query the Kubernetes API


√ is running the minimum Kubernetes API version


√ 'linkerd-config' config map exists
√ heartbeat ServiceAccount exist
√ control plane replica sets are ready
√ no unschedulable pods
× control plane pods are ready
pod/linkerd-destination-b98b5c974-ppvk5 container sp-validator is not ready
see https://linkerd.io/2.14/checks/#l5d-api-control-ready for hints

Status check results are ×


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,117
    edited February 13

    Hi @aditya03,

    This discussion was moved to the LFS258 Forum.

    When opening a new discussion topic please do so in its dedicated forum, otherwise the instructors who may be able to provide assistance will not be notified accordingly - as is the case of this discussion.

    Linkerd installation and check may fail for many reasons. It could be related to infrastructure networking, or cluster networking misconfiguration, resources, or compatibility.

    What is your cluster infrastructure - cloud or local hypervisor, what type of VMs are hosting your lab environment - size and OS, how is your network configured at infrastructure and how are firewalls configured, what CNI plugin do you have installed in your cluster, what is the Kubernetes version of all components (it should be the same, unlike earlier when they were mismatched).

    What output is produced by the following commands?

    kubectl get nodes -o wide

    kubectl get pods -A -o wide



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