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Is it allowed to use npm packages from npmjs.com for Labs and JSNAD exam?


For instance, I see in labs 13.2 there's a task regarding watch, which is easier to do with chokidar npm package. So question is it allowed to resolve issue with third-party n[m packages in exam or not? Or should be used only Node.js modules?

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  • xdxmxc
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    @industral @faddah the exam is explicitly designed to allow you to solve problems with whatever modules or code you choose, as long as you meet the requirements it's fine


  • faddah
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    I believe @davidmarkclements and the Linux Foundation / OpenJS team would prefer you stick to the code and packages in each of the modules of the course, in prep for the exam. However, you do bring up a good point of being able to creatively think your way to the solution, and if someone has already done the work for you in an npm package, it's often a good idea to import & use it, as that is what most developers do; however, there will be performance trade-offs. At software conferences and in developer forums online, I've run into folks who go cross-eyed the moment you suggest adding any npm package or outside lib to your code — "SACRILEGE!! BLOAT! YOUR FILE WILL BE TOO BIG TO DOWNLOAD! PACKAGE CONFLICTS! PERFORMANCE SLOW DOWN!!!" is what they cry, etc. Frankly, in this day and age of always connected, I find their overwrought cries a bit ridiculous, unless you're doing some sort of ultra-secure, air-gapped set-up that requires apps to work off-line without loading anything else. So you need to be aware of what you're adding and if it will effect those things, or if you can live with the trade-off and there's no performance or conflict problems. I think it's good to do it first the way @davidmarkclements wants you to without any fancy npm extras, then try again your way — that's good coding practice for you either way, and you can work out making both solutions work. Employers will ask you to show different solution options like that on the job, anyway, so good practice.




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