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linux.com rss feed

since 19/01/2023, I'm no longer receiving rss updates. Did something change with the rss feed?

My rss reader log shows following error:

https://www.linux.com/feed/ is invalid XML, likely due to invalid characters. XML error: Reserved XML Name at line 93, column 39 [https://www.linux.com/feed/]

The same error is also shown by the W3C rss validator:


  • petermr
    petermr Posts: 1
    edited February 1

    Hi. I've noticed that as well. It seems some recent update has caused the RSS to become "poluted" with inline HTML style tags and comments. They're being added even before the XML document definition tag, which will basically brake almost any XML parser.

    It starts with:


    which is not what you want. The proper data is still there, but after the styles and comments.


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