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Lab 3.2 Configure A Local Repo Step 3


I followed the course excactly as described.
I am using aws for my VMs and having a CP node and a Worker Node.
In AWS I adjusted the security tag in a way so that all ports are opened.

kubectl get svc
basicservice NodePort 80:30735/TCP 36d
kubernetes ClusterIP 443/TCP 36d
nginx ClusterIP 443/TCP 44m
registry ClusterIP 5000/TCP 44m

But the curl for the registry endpoint is ending in a timeout. Why?


  • stephansinn

    Ok I solved the issue. For all those also going through the training and using aws as VM provider:
    Create your very own security group and allow all traffic from all ip addresses.
    Specify this security group on instance creation or simply in your terraform file.

    Caution: No Recommendation for any production setup. This is just the quickest way to rule out all possible aws network impediments that you might encounter during the course and does so distract you from the actual aim on learning k8s.

    Remark: The Course should give a handout for the major IaaS provides on the market.

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,192

    Hi @stephansinn,

    Perhaps the information that you seek is in the video demos from the introductory chapter - on how to provision the lab environment on AWS EC2 and Google GCE instances. The videos cover VPC, SG/firewall rules required for the lab VMs, together with the recommended VM size and guest OS.



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