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New package manager approach


Sorry if something similar already existed.

I know, there was distribution with source packages, like Gentoo and with precompiled packages, like Fedora/Suse/Ubuntu/etc.

Both have downsides and upersides.
But why do not connect both world and standardize Linux? Simply distribute software/libraries by object files (before linking) for different architectures and allow to asks server to download single file to compile. In this case, distribution could allow to use path constant, which could be use to compile configuration object files or use object file flavors, when linking. For example, when user like to disable some feature, we link flavor, where are C functions returning default value only and doing nothing.
So we eliminate some problems with Linux differences (different place of putting files, for example), allow to download most part of software from single place and downloading only part of it from distribution repository and link everything together.
Software, could use different variables, while compiling config (or similar) files from sources:
1.Bin, Lib, assets, configuration path, etc.
2. Installed packages
3. Distribution name/flavor/etc.
4. User preferences (we should add some way to config package before installing, but only if user prefer - in default path, we preserve default configuration)

What do you thing?


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