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NFS calls versus badcalls

Have Redhat Enterprise as server on a VM in ESXI7.
Has been running for a while.
Some latency, and at times, damaged files made me suspect an issue.
I ran nfsstat -r in the server terminal, and got this:

call: 35000020
badcalls: 258

Is this ok?
Could it be better?
If so, what should I look into to improve things^

Thank in advance for any suggestions.


  • rndnvn
    rndnvn Posts: 2

    Later on badcalls climbed in number:
    Calls 173.879.040
    badcall: 35962
    badFMT: 35938
    badauth: 24

    As I was managing the server resources, I suspected VM Redhat Enterprise Linux in need of more power. I increased its CPU and RAM.
    No more badcalls since.

    It might help someone else in same situation.


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