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Should Linux Foundation create Linux gamming shop and Linux gamming magazine?


In my opinion, take focus on current market is as good as fit product to new markets. Gaming on Linux get long way, with some shops exists before, but never been as good as now, thanks to Valve. But Valve do not specialize in Linux.
I propose to create Linux Game Shop with low margin and giving some profit to projects such like Mesa, Wayland, Linux (kernel) and (maybe?) some desktop environment. I think, that software vendors will try to promote it by newly-created shop, so there could be many products to sell. And Linux Foundation do not have to earn profit, but shop can and can boost mesa, kernel, etc. Just try. I think, you do not have to give many money at beginning.

Other suggestion is to create Linux Magazine for Players. There is nothing like that, only few services on the network. And you can even wrote about Steam Deck, Steam, Gaming via Proton/Wine/Native. Browser Games/Desktop Games/etc.

Why? To fill the gap! There was many users of desktop Linux (stat counter told it was around 4% of market) and many players on Linux. People are buying laptops from firm supporting Linux, because they got promise OS will work with device and firm will give some money to support Linux. Players will choose Gaming Shop and Magazine to get better support and service level and Software vendors will select Linux Shop to promote their games/products.


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