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Permission Denied when user has rw permissions set

I was testing file permissions and ownership an ran into a problem.

I have a Fedora 38 vm which has 2 users student and pipilacha-guest. Both belong to a group called sexygs.

I have a folder called sexies in /home/student but belongs to pipilacha-guest and sexygs.

Connected via SSH and logged in as pipilacha-guest I cannot access the sexies folders and neither myfile, but I have permissions for both??

Am I missing something?

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  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,127
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    Hi @m0007, it was a pleasure to work with you in the Office Hours :)

    So, it was a matter of missing permissions on the /home/student directory, and we fixed it :)

    I recommended to work on another directory as /mnt/ or /tmp/ , so it's not necessary to modify the owner and permissions of a home directory of a user account (which has security implications).


  • m0007
    m0007 Posts: 2
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    Thanks again @luisviveropena, I appreciate the help and recommendations!



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