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Course Repository instructions not in Video

devinallen Posts: 4
edited January 5 in LFS281 Class Forum

May not be a big deal but the instructions for pulling down the Course Repository are not in the video. They can be found in the PDF instructions though (Lab2.2.2EnableSSHServer)

Also, if you don't have ssh set up with gitHub you will find the instructions won't work for you. If you don't want to go through the process of setting us ssh this is the Http.

Also, the Alias command for course-repo, if I'm not missing something, wont work properly unless you rename LFS281-resources-public to linux-foundation-airgap-course.

However, it looks like the LFS281-resources-public is forked off of linux-foundation-airgap-course: [https://github.com/defenseunicorns/linux-foundation-airgap-course.git]

$mkdir projects
$cd projects
$git clone git@github.com:lftraining/LFS281-resources-public.git
$echo "alias course-repo='cd $HOME/projects/linux-foundation-airgap-course'" | tr-d '"' >> ~/.bashrc
$source ~/.bashrc


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