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Lab 5 error, "pod try1-5b8b8cc57b-gjrpx does not have a host assigned"

I wonder if that might have to do with the GCP that i am runnings these labs on?

student@lfckadclass-instance-1:~$ k get pod
registry-7c4c89bb5c-5m8ln 1/1 Running 1 (10d ago) 10d
try1-5b8b8cc57b-cnl6v 0/2 Pending 0 19s
try1-5b8b8cc57b-gjrpx 0/2 Pending 0 19s
try1-5b8b8cc57b-k8ztc 0/2 Pending 0 19s
try1-5b8b8cc57b-kc6dh 0/2 Pending 0 19s
try1-5b8b8cc57b-qzh8d 0/2 Pending 0 19s
try1-5b8b8cc57b-zt5cc 0/2 Pending 0 19s
student@lfckadclass-instance-1:~$ k exec -c simpleapp -it try1-5b8b8cc57b-gjrpx -- /bin/bash -c 'echo $ilike'
Error from server (BadRequest): pod try1-5b8b8cc57b-gjrpx does not have a host assigned

And then running describe of that result in:

Type Reason Age From Message
---- ------ ---- ---- -------
Warning FailedScheduling 3m51s (x2 over 9m13s) default-scheduler 0/2 nodes are available: 2 persistentvolumeclaim "pvc-one" not found. preemption: 0/2 nodes are available: 2 Preemption is not helpful for scheduling.
student@lfckadclass-instance-1:~$ k create configmap colors --from-literal=text=black --from-file=./favorite --from-file=./primary/persistentvolumeclaim "pvc-one" not found


  • Hi @alexanderlvov1,

    All these labs have consistently worked on GCE VMs. If your infrastructure is configured according to the instructions from the demo video from the introductory chapter, and the installation and bootstrapping were successful per lab 3, then all should work as expected.

    The depeloyment replicas do not have nodes assigned because it seems there is a missing application dependency - the pvc-one persistent volume claim.

    Make sure that the NFS packages are successfully installed, and that the PV pvvol-1 is created after the PVol.yaml manifest is updated with the required cp node hostname.
    The PVC pvc-one should show a bound status upon successful creation. The pvc-one PVC and the pvvol-1 PV should be bound to each other.

    It may be easier to delete the try1 deployment, delete the PVC, delete the PV (in this order) and then ensure the necessary NFS packages are installed on each respective node, properly configured on each respective node, then inspect the PV manifest and update any fields as instructed in the lab guide, then create the PVC, ensure they are bound to each other. Finally, create the deployment, ensuring the manifest properly defines the volume and the volume mount.

    If you suspect the manifest is not correct, feel free to share it here.



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