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couldn't get current server API group list: Get "http://localhost:8080/api?timeout=32s": dial tcp 12


I'm getting this error on the worker node. I initially thought that all kubectl commands need to go through the control plane master node (it's working as expected there). But on the worker node, kubectl commands give this output. Is this expected? I ran the k8sWorker.sh script on the worker node. It didn't give any error. I even did the kubeadm join command to make the worker node join the master node in the cluster. On doing kubectl get nodes, I can see both master and worker nodes in Ready State.

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  • shubham.sudame
    shubham.sudame Posts: 2
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    FYI - kubectl commands work just fine on the master node. I get the error only on the worker node.

  • fazlur.khan
    fazlur.khan Posts: 43
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    Kubectl - utility needs a config file which contains your server endpoint, CA details, user credentials to authenticate. This config file is located under** home dir/.kube/config **

    This file is available in your master node, as a reason you are able to access the cluster from the master node.

    whereas, its not copied/available on worker node hence the error.


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