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Does the LFS207 fully cover the full list of domains and competencies in the LFCS certification?

Does the LFS207 course fully cover the full list of domains and competencies established in the LFCS certification?

I have felt the content is flat, and in many parts it does not give me the desired practical depth, leaving me with greater doubts. For example, the fact that in the Routing chapter there are only two commands, makes me think that the exam will not go beyond those two or three commands such as nmcli, route, or ip-route, or that for example in the chapter of Packet Filtering there is no minimum reference beyond the firewalld, since it tells us “We have decided not to teach iptables because it requires much more time to get to useful functionality”. It sends us to a different and separate course, although it is considered an important topic to fully cover this competence of “Configure packet filtering, port redirection, and NAT”, which is why I ask, is this course (LFS207) close to domains and LFCS competencies.

I would like to have an honest answer since I would prefer not to invest all my attention or cover all the theoretical generality of the LFS207 if it will not bring me closer to the competencies required by the LFCS.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

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  • I recently found the information I was looking for about networking with other commands in another course specialized in cloud essentials, I would have liked to edit/delete this post but apparently, it is not possible, so I can only indicate that it can be ignored completely .
    Thanks! :)

  • Hi @kevinjessid,

    I'm glad you found the information you were looking for.



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