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grow cluster doesnt work(worker node not ready)

i am having problem after joining the worker node.
CP shows:
_root@controlplane:~# kubectl get nodes
controlplane Ready control-plane 122m v1.28.2
workernode NotReady 51m v1.28._2

checking worker node journal:

** kubelet.go:2855] "Container runtime network not ready" networkReady="NetworkReady=false reason:NetworkPluginNotReady message:Network plugin re>
this is taking more than a day time to solve.
can anyone help here?


  • Hi @editel,

    There could be several issues. How closely have you followed the lab guide instructions? Are you installing the recommended Kubernetes version (1.27.1)? Have you configured the kubectl CLI with a non-root user (it seems it runs as root)?
    What infrastructure are you using? Cloud VMs - which provider, local VMs - what hypervisor? What OS release runs your VMs (recommended Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)? The amount of CPU, RAM, disk of each VM. How is the networking configured, firewalls (allow all inbound traffic from all sources, to all port destinations, all protocols), etc.

    I recommend you revisit the lab guide, follow it closely with the suggested OS, VM sizes, and watch the video guides from the introductory chapter that present critical networking configuration details to correctly provision your infra and eventually bootstrap your cluster.



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