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Bash or Puthon script to read and print postscript (ps) files from a directory


I am pretty new to Scripting Languages, and was trying to learn Bash Shell Scripting for reading and printing PostScript (PS) files from a directory (which may contain 10000's of files) in Linux environment. Basically you can call it as a bulk print processing job. This script will involve filtering of files bases on some criteria involving both floating point numbers and string characters on which search will be done (something like a 'grep' or 'sed' in Shell), and so involves reading files also.

Now, as I have continued learning Bash Shell Scripting, I came to know about python scripts which typically can do anything which a Shell Script can do and becomes much more efficient when (1)not dealing with system admin task (which in this case is true), and (2)when the file becomes large (typically more then 1000 lines, I think I will get around something 500-600 lines when finished)

So here's my Question, Now that I am learning (from scratch), so should I go with Bash Shell Script or Python Shell Script, given the condition that (1)I am not thinking of making my script portable to other platform, (2)I have basic requirement of dealing with ps files (or some other non-system, text files) and (3)I want to buil a really fexible script which can take input much like any of the Linux native system commands (like, cp, ls, dd etc)


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