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Have to set up labs myself?

Just started the course, I just want to double check if I'm misunderstanding something because I'm not a native speaker: do I have to set up labs myself? I find that very strange when other teaching plataforms include the labs and auto setup for you.


  • chrispokorni
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    Hi @madmalkav,

    You are correct, the lab environment is provisioned by the learner on the infrastructure of choice - whether local through hypervisors like VirtualBox, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, KVM2/QEMU, or cloud providers such as AWS or GCP.

    The demo videos from the introductory chapter provide step-by-step configuration details for provisioning on AWS and GCP.


  • Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the answer.

  • Hi @chrispokorni.

    I believe it would be nice to also provide a video for setting up Kubernetes on 2 VMs on VirtualBox. Why only give video examples for Cloud...?

    Also, maybe some some form of automation for setting up on the Cloud (e.g. Terraform) and on VirtualBox. Why? To provide an easy way to create and destroy VMs (for example, as mentioned in the cloud videos, to delete VMs to reduce costs).

    Courses (especially paid ones) should provide easy ways to setup an environment, while teaching us how to setup up of course.

    PS: On a side note, I think there is a lab missing. On lesson menu, lab "Exercise 3.1: Install Kubernetes" mentions "Please configure sudo access as shown in a previous lab", but there is only one previous lab "Exercise 2.1: View Online Resources". I can see the all the labs in the single file containing all the labs tho.

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