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CKAD: Secure Browser Session was very slow to respond which killed my time


Initial 40-50 minutes of the Session was fine with proper response and I was able to attend around 8 questions but after that it was very slow to respond and could not find any resolution even psi technical support team could not help - I should be given one more chance to attempt the exam as this session issue was not in my control and atleast next time secure browser session should be resolved.

PSI Technical Support team had also mentioned of requesting for retake as I was facing Secure Browser Session Issue.


  • ckadbal

    Given the CKAD exam on 30-Oct-2023 - it was my second attempt and faced same session issue with Secure Browser- I knew the answers but could not attempt due this issue.

    Raised Jira ticket as soon as the exam session ends - https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/15/TCCS-83479

    Could Someone Please look into this asap as this exam was crucial for me and I had put lot of efforts for this exam.

  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 442

    Hi @ckadbal,

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. It can take several business days (no holidays or weekends) for the Support team to respond, depending on the volume. Thank you for your patience while they work to assist all students.

    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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