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Script for Lab Exercise 2.1 Hangs on Azure VMs


I created my control and worker nodes in my Azure subscription and when I installed k8s using the script in the tarball, (LFD259V2023-09-05SOLUTIONS.tar.xz) both machines hang. I was able to manually install k8s on the control and worker nodes after which I was able to join the worker to the cluster and use kubectl to deploy a simple service on the cluster.

First question, Has anyone else tried the scripts from the tarball on Azure? If so did it work?

Second question, I notice in the documentation for the class, it mentions AWS and GCP but not Azure. Is there a specific reason for that


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @russd2357,

    The installation and configuration scripts aimed for a vendor neutral approach, operational both on premises and on cloud infrastructures. During early testing they were successful on several local hypervisor provisioned VMs, and on cloud VM instances such as the AWS EC2 and Google GCE. For Azure VMs the scripts needed to be altered to accommodate Azure network restrictions with the earlier network plugin. Since then I am not sure if the more recent scripts have been tested on the Azure infrastructure.



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