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Lab 11.1 - continuity problem from previous 9.x lab environment

Here's the section with the problem in Lab 11.1 (bolded):

  1. In order for linkerd to pay attention to an object we need to add an annotation. The linkerd inject command will do this for us. Generate YAML and pipe it to linkerd then pipe again to kubectl. Expect an error about how the object was created, but the process will work. The command can run on one line if you omit the back-slash. Recreate the nginx-one deployment we worked with in a previous lab exercise.
    student@cp:˜$ kubectl -n accounting get deploy nginx-one -o yaml | \
    linkerd inject - | kubectl apply -f -

The problem is that all of **Lab 9.4 ** leaves the cluster in a state where it's unable to re-deploy the mentioned nginx-one.yaml file completely.

The workaround (for any other readers/users) is to restart from Lab 9.1 before Lab 11.1 Step 6, and **not **do the rest of 9.4. Note that this includes leaving the k8sworker node labeled, or alternatively editing the yaml to avoid that.

LFN258 editors:
Lab 11.1 needs to call the desired steps from 9.1 out explicitly, since the state of the nginx-one.yaml and the cluster, as left by completing all previous Labs,is not usable. Otherwise, simply edit 11.1 to explicitly state the desired Deployment yaml (not the Label-driven one from 9.1).
I also recommend taking a clean run of 9.1 through 9.4 with other forward-looking dependencies in mind.



  • norbux
    norbux Posts: 1

    Very good observation. Lab 11.1 definitely needs to be clarified


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