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I want to learn RFCs without directly reading RFCs


I'm a linux admin who loves networking.

I want to learn tcp ip protocols i mean. sorry if title was condesecnding.

I mean rfcs are hard to read, so I want to start with books.

some books on my hitlist.

fourozan tcp ip protocol sutie

kurose ross

william stallings

fourozan security

stallings security

stevens tcp ip illustrated
comer internetworking with tcp ip vol-1

atul kahate security
and so many.

I'll buy all of them. I want some extra recommendations. I don't like tcpipguide (that online website type book)...
I want something that has tons of figures but not really a manga. Figures, tables etc a lot. I know tcpipguide is that thing, but idk why but I hate that.

I want to be able to apply linux commands like ping, traceroute, ss, netstat, nmap etc and find networking faults in system. Find dns faults in system. etc etc.

Tell me a good books for it.


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