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LFS258 - New Course Update (9.14.2023)



A new course version of LFS258 went live on 9.14.2023. This update addresses some typos and issues flagged in the forum for the 1.28.1 release.

To ensure you have access to the latest updates, please clear your cache. We hope you will have a great learning experience and enjoy the updated LFS258.


Flavia Cioanca
Linux Foundation Training Team


  • ggerogery
    ggerogery Posts: 1
    edited September 2023

    I've just started the course and there are a lot of annoying mistakes and obstacles.
    "Exercise 3.1: Install Kubernetes" - try to follow your course yourself, a lot of commands fail with error, most of them because of ugly formatting style. I can't simply copy-paste a command(btw, it's a challenge itself to copy a command from the doc, try it), I've to copy it, paste it to my sublime editor, fix indentations, remove \, and only then paste it to the terminal. Some commands don't work at all, issues with arguments, probably. Following the course on fresh Ubuntu 20.04.

    A user must be able to copy your commands with double-click, then CTRL+C, or even better by clicking on the "copy" icon near the command. In your doc I've to be very precise and select the command from symbol 1 to latest one, hoping my cursor won't jump to a random place in the doc

    I've just started the course, but feel this course to be completed requires some extra motivation


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