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create key pair in AWS (mac)

aviadvir Posts: 1
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I downloaded the key pair .pem file, but I couldnt managed to use it the way you show in the > IMPORTANT: Using AWS to Set Up the Lab Environment < video.
I use a mac Apple M1 Pro, can you please help me to finish the connection with the EC2 instances?

the only thing I managed to do was to connect to one instance (using ssh -i Course.pem user@
but its not helping as we want to be connect to all the instances.

please if you can provide detailed steps it will be very helpful


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @aviadvir,

    For each EC2 instance make sure the same key pair is selected, and then you can re-use the same downloaded key to ssh into each one. The same ssh command should work, you would only need to supply the respective VM's public IP address.

    On the "Connect to instance" screen you can select the "SSH client" tab to view the required command to access the VM. Also, make sure the user name is the one presented on the screen. The key pair is only valid for that user.



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