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C library that simplifies the development of Linux DRM/KMS applications



I'd like to introduce SRM (Simple Rendering Manager), a project I've recently been working on that might prove valuable to some of you. It's a C library designed for creating OpenGL ES 2.0 applications without relying on a display server, instead using DRM/KMS.
I developed this library as a graphical backend for another project I'm currently working on, aimed at creating Wayland compositors.

SRM simplifies the configuration of all DRM devices and connectors, leaving you with the straightforward task of selecting the connectors you want to render to. It also offers utilities for creating OpenGL textures that are automatically shared among all GPUs. This feature comes in handy, especially when developing a Wayland compositor, as it enables seamless movement of application windows across multiple screens, even if they don't belong to the same GPU.

Developing DRM/KMS applications can be quite challenging, so I believe this project will be a valuable resource for many of you.

You can find the project repository here:


I hope this proves helpful in your projects.

Best regards


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