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Merge Conflicts

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in 05 "Version Control with Git" the lesson "Merge Conflicts" starts with creating a branch "feature/aliceconflict" in which an existing file in the git repo is modified, then the master branch is checked out and when trying to merge the branch into master a merge conflict appears.
First off it seems like committing the changes from "feature/aliceconflict" is missing from the lesson, but also even when I commit it and then try to merge the branch into master it works without a merge conflict, so I don't really get if this is a git setting or whatever else, however I just spun up a vm on GCE and used the already installed git and the only config options I set where user.name, user.email and core.editor.

Anyone had this happen to them or did I just understand the lesson wrong?


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  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @moriluka,

    I went through the exercises and you are right, it's not failing. And that's because the git merge conflict conditions are not met in this scenario. We'll check on this and make it work as expected :)



  • It kinda seems like the lesson misses making a change to the file in another branch and merging that into master first in order for the merge from the "feature/aliceconflict" to lead to a conflict. Maybe it would be worth adding that because as it is it suggests that making a change itself (as described in the previous lesson 'Reconciliation: "git merge"') would provoke a merge conflict?

  • Hi @moriluka , yes, that's one way to generate a merge conflict. I fixed it with the following steps:

    1.- Edited test.txt as follows in the Master branch (modified the first line only):

    This is Alice's conflict X.

    Committed the change.

    2.- Edited test.txt as follows in the feature/aliceconflictaster branch (modified the first line only):

    This is Alice's conflict AZ.

    Committed the change.

    3.- Went back to the Master branch and tried to merge it with feature/aliceconflictaster. It didn't work as expected with:

    Auto-fusionando test.txt
    CONFLICTO (contenido): Conflicto de fusión en test.txt
    Fusión automática falló; arregle los conflictos y luego realice un commit con el resultado.
    ✘ luiseduardo@Apples-MacBook-Pro  ~/Documents/Archivos importantes/IT/LF/Courses/LFS261/gittestdir   master ±✚ >M<  cat test.txt
    <<<<<<< HEAD

    This is Alice's conflict X.

    This is Alice's conflict AZ.


    Alice's branch. Commit 1. Change 2.


  • Hi @luisviveropena,

    thanks a lot. I think with your changes it will help people that would've ran into the same issue as me though in hindsight the Lab for the Lesson had a setup that worked for creating a merge conflict.
    I hope I didn't make you more work than necessary based on my impatience.

    Thanks & Kind regards,

  • Hi Mori, it's a pleasure! Don't worry, I had to do it anyway :)



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