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Question doesn't have answer on Generating a Software Bill of Materials Final Exam (LFC192) course

herry85 Posts: 1
edited August 2023 in Kernel Development

Hi all,
I can't finish the course because there is one question doesn't have answer in Final Exam.
If anyone can solving my problem, I do really appreciate it.

here is the question :
What factors are increasing the drive for requesting and generating SBOMs (Select all that apply)?
A. Increasing reuse: Need for fast time to market by reusing existing components
B. Containerization: Components are increasingly being placed inside containers to be executed, hiding which components are being executed
C. Costs and time of manually identifying software components in a larger system is becoming unsustainable, so automation is needed
D. Regulatory agencies are increasingly demanding SBOMs
E. None of the above

I am stuck in this question.

Thank you for your help.


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