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Problem with PSI browser - Not able to Launch my CKAD exam

smani6 Posts: 1
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Hi Team, Please help on the below issue.
My exam is scheduled today at 11.30 AM time. I joined the proctor session by 11.15AM, once proctor approved my browser freezes and I was only able to view the blank white screen, again I reconnected the session and once again the entire verification process went which took more than 20 mins and once proctor approved, the browser window freezes with white screen, I was not able to view the exam session at all. Contacted the support and they provided the ticket number #3613453 and told the restart the browser again. In the 3rd try also same issue happened and the support team told they have added all the details in the same ticket number and asked to contact Linux foundation support to reschedule the exam. Its been more than 1hour and 30 minutes struggling with this issue and feeling very exhausted, worried. Please help to look into this issue and help to reschedule my exam.

Raised support ticket TCCS-76833 also , please someone help on this issue.


  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 439

    Hi @smani6,

    We are sorry to hear you encountered issues. Response time takes several business days (no weekends or holidays), as tickets are resolved in the order received. Rest assured our Support team will help you.




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